Ice Racing Discipline


The goal of the CACC Ice Racing discipline is to provide a safe and competitive venue for automobile racing on ice. Ice racing can take place on any solid frozen surface but is typically held on frozen lakes in British Columbia. There are two clubs in British Columbia that have historically organized Ice Racing events.

The Western Canadian Ice Racing Association of BC (also known as “Cars On Ice”) has organized Ice Racing events in the Cache Creek/Ashcroft area of British Columbia for over thirty five years. Racing takes place on Barnes Lake located just outside of Ashcroft where a race track of approximately 1.0 km in length is plowed as soon as the ice is thick enough and the snow starts to fall.

Although currently in a hiatus, the Knox Mountain Motor Sports Club has organized Ice Racing in the Okanagan region of BC for approximately 20 years. When active, ice racing in the Okanagan takes place on either Duck Lake just outside of Kelowna or on Swan Lake in Vernon.

Race events take place during the months of January and February and attract entrants from all over the province of BC and Washington state. You’ll see a wide variety of cars entered and a field typically consists 40 year old Austin Minis, Chevettes and Datsun 510s to the modern Hondas, Nissans and Volkswagens running on studded or regular snow tires.

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