CACC would like to encourage all of its members to contribute photographs to our pages. These must be royalty-free and not copyrighted and will be posted on a rotational basis to best represent our membership. High quality JPG images of motorsport events are welcomed, please contact the webmaster with your submissions. CACC does not pay for any photos, and the intellectual rights remain those of the original photographer in all circumstances.

AUTOSLALOM Photos: The 4 photos from the Canadian Autoslalom Championship (CAC) are courtesy of Kuna Photography. The other 2 photos (orange Z and green Civic) are courtesy of Ryan Hobbs of VMSC.

VINTAGE Photos: courtesy of Paul Bonner

ICE RACING Photos: are courtesy of Jeff Sanca

SOLOSPRINT Photos: are courtesy of Jim Dipalo

RACE & VOLUNTEER Photos: are courtesy of the late Ed Smart

Photos on the Home page: are courtesy of all of the above.

Photo Guidelines


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