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The CACC does not operate or host automotive competition events. That function is left to the clubs that are affiliated with the CACC. The CACC in turn is an affiliate of ASN Canada FIA, the Canadian national auto sport body The CACC maintains rules governing the operation of events and the fairness of competition. The rules governing safety and fairness are set out under the direction of ASN Canada FIA, the Directors of the CACC and the members of affiliated clubs.

Only members of an affiliated club can apply for a competition licence. A license holder is entitled to submit rule changes for the discipline in which they are licenced and may vote at the CACC's Annual General Meeting and the Fall Meeting.

For a club to become a CACC Affiliate the club must apply to the CACC. To qualify a club must be a registered Society under the Sociey Act of the Province of British Columbia. A form is provided on the Forms Page. A club can be approved if it hosts events that fit the CACC mandate. That is, Solosport events, Road Race events, Ice Racing events or Vintage Auto events. The club must agree to abide by the event operation and safety requirements provided in the General Competion Regulations (GCR) and the specific discipline rules for the events they offer to their members. Acceptance by the CACC will qualify the a club for ASN Canada FIA insurance coverage. The insurance covers the Directors and Officers of the club and event organizers with liability protection. Please read and understand the specific coverage and limitations proved by the ASN Canada FIA insurance package. Details can be found on the ASN Canada FIA web site. Check the Links page.

There are 4 competition licences available. Some have a Novice status, which may limit the licence holder's ability to enter certain events or to participate fully.

The broad categories of Competition licences are:

  1. Solosport: A Solosport licence is further divided into two categories, Autoslalom allows the licencee to participate in closed course timed events where one vehicle at a time is permitted on the course. The speeds are generally not higher than one would find on a highway. The vehicles are usually street driven but some classes are designated for purpose-built race cars. Time Attack is similar only the events may be held at a road racetrack and the speeds are generally higher. Time Attack requires the licence holder to have more experience and to have held a Autoslalom licence for one year. A person new to Solosport competition is required to hold a Novice Autoslalom Licence for one year before qualifying for a Senior Autoslalom Licence.
  2. Wheel-to-wheel Racing: A Race License is granted to individuals who qualify to race on closed race tracks with other race cars on the track at the same time. The qualifications are considerably more stringent both for the driver and for the vehicle. An approved training program must be competed and medical examination forms submitted to qualify for a Novice Race Licence. Novice Race Licence holders must meet specific standards to receive a Race Senior Licence. A holder of a Race Licence automatically qualifies for any other Senior License. A CACC Race Licence also is recognized by other jurisdictions in Canada and the US.
  3. Ice Racing: An Ice Race Licence is granted to applicants who can meet the standards set out in the Ice Race rules. An Ice Race Licence qualifies the holder to apply for a Senior Autoslalom Licence.
  4. Vintage Auto Racing: A Vintage Race Licence requires the applicant to meet the same qualifications as a Wheel-to-wheel Race Licence. The difference is the licence holder qualifies to race Vintage automobiles only.

In addition, the CACC licences Race Officials, Race Stewards and Instructors.

The Officials licence qualifications are:

  1. Race Official: participated in a Race Official course, extensive documented experience in race management and race participation.
  2. Race Steward: Participated in a Race Steward course, extensive documented experience in racing and knowledge of the rules governing safety and fairness.
  3. Race Instructor: Instructor Licences are offered to Wheel-to-wheel racing instructors only after completion of a course and demonstrated ability to safely race vehicles on a closed course.



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