Have you ever thought of becoming a race volunteer? Or do you want to get involved with motorsport but can’t afford the high cost of a race car? Maybe you just want to help out and be part of the action while meeting a bunch of friendly people.

Well if so then perhaps you should consider getting involved with the volunteer side of CACC. Most of the clubs listed on this website have volunteer positions that anyone can get involved with. You can get involved with turn working, timing  and scorekeeping, data acquisition, technical inspection and emergency crews, even announcing.

Every type of event offers a chance to see up front what happens on and off the track, and there are several types of motorsports to choose from. Summer time is best for solosport and race activities, but there is also ice racing that offers a unique, winter time motorsport opportunity.

Safety and training are very important and with a club like the Motorsport Emergency Turnworkers Association  (META) you will get the very best in both of these. Registered as a non-profit society in 1975, the Motorsport Emergency and Turnworkers Association has gained national and international recognition for its competence and professionalism in all aspects of motorsport safety.

Visit our Affiliates page for a list of clubs where you can participate.

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