License Applications

The CACC issues competition and officials licenses for its affiliate autosport clubs and for the variety of race disciplines in which they participate. You may apply for a competition or officials license providing you’re a member of one of our affiliate clubs. Visit our affiliate page to find a list of organizations that come under the auspices of the Confederation of Autosport Car Clubs.

2017 License Applications

CACC provides separate competition and officials licenses. If you are both an official and a competitor, you must submit two applications. Please review the list of documents required to complete your application before you begin your application. The table below lists documentation requirements by license type and discipline. Once you’ve gathered the necessary documentation, you can apply for your competition or officials license by following the links below:  

Supporting Documentation

All CACC license applications are submitted electronically. To successfully complete the application process, you’ll need to submit all documentation required for your discipline and license type along with your application. Before beginning the application process, please gather digital copies of the documentation required as indicated below.
Required Documentation Autoslalom Ice Race Karting Officials Race Time Attack Vintage
Proof of Club Membership X X X X X X X
Recent Passport-style Photo X X X X X X X
Previous Year’s CACC License X X X X X
Copy of Driver’s License X X X X
Proof of Most Recent Race Experience (Returning drivers only) X X X X
ASN Annual Waiver Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
ASN Annual Parental Consent Waiver Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
ASN Medical Self-declaration X X X X
ASN Medical Examination Form 50 years and older Based on Age Based on Age
Proof of Age (First-time applicants only) X X X
Racing School Certificate (New novices only) X X
Race Group X X
Car/Kart Numbers  X X X X X X
Marshal Logbook Senior Marshals Only

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